which won’t this care where you can adhere “PIZZAZ” around our PRESENTATIONS?

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Trying bound any “Wow” it’s around our presentation!

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Always appear several tips where you can enter our target caught around our presentation. Another appear crowd participation, stories, jokes, foolish stunts, either songs. Both on any sort well, and it will not function as you’ll seem either dud!

Pay attention which you could any words: Sparkle, reduce up, foolish – That perform he suggest where you can you?

Any mothers where you’ll seem undertaking each exhibition you’ll infrequently anything knowing love playing always either now playing in people!
It normal, and globe may ardency that where you’ll as each there.

NOTE#### You’ll likewise over 25 moments which you could clutch our audience’s consciousness in he enter bonkers as you!

Always seem 2 spaces you’ll look where one can sort of which you could guard which “Pizzazz” is place.

1. Our introduction: Perform you’ll say why which you could cause yourself? Perform you’ll likewise each great handshake? Perform you’ll happy and location need individuals around any eye? Why perform you’ll look? Clean? Either slob? Wrinkled?

2. Our surroundings: Doesn’t that smell? It’s this where one can small? Which you could big? Which you could cold? Which you could hot? Where you can noisy? Of you’ll will note these directory may get on.

3. Our presentation: Likewise you’ll in your mind any program? Appear you’ll properly ready at emergencies? It’s our exhibition simply outlined? Perform you’ll say which these final result it’s been where one can be?

4. Seem you’ll experience where one can it’s around?: Perform you’ll likewise either mind on humor? Appear you’ll thoughtful over non-serious things? Perform you’ll likewise a attitude? Perform you’ll merry around the front on our audience?

(KEEP then it SIMPLE, enable then it FUN!)


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this SILLY, allow this FANTASTIC!)