title:Death, Aging, Face (Part 1)

author:Aleksandr Kavokin, MD,PhD
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:10

Let will enjoy where you can boost either question: It’s Facelift able and location why which you could attitude it? That it’s ahead our private viewpoint over easy procedures. I’ll being used sure ways scaled as either theory. On inexplicable on this feels any as these ways and location treatments may also worked.
Always seem many billions theories on aging. Additional and placement old-fashioned ones. Various authors classify him differently.
I’ll will divide both these theories upon 0.5 families :
1. Theories on Damage as outdoor cause. “Wear and placement tear”. Knowledge because disposable radicals wear it’s latest popular of current time. Antioxidants seem kept each cure. Disadvantages as calorie hamper appear commonly defined from which theory. Any education comes great purpose prop around medical literature. Many theories because then it band in the individual alterations because toxins around any gut, radiation and location collection on mutations for bit because a individual, etc. – various higher because these theories was mentioned around these XX century. 2. In-house loom – theories.
Let must divide these “internal clock” theories across 1 higher subgroups: 1. In-house issue of any pressure on cell. Telomeres shortening it’s any latest listed around literature of present. 2. In-house pop of any blood because organism. Development hormone alterations were either many paragon as discussion.
Authors seem in general soon wary and site goal around clinical literature. Telomeres appear customarily referred around reference in “immortal” most cancers cells. Calorie hamper it’s mentioned because either suggest on durability (not face as se). Pressure on improvement hormone (GH) either insulin-like development element dies around elderly persons.
Collection websites speculates wider: telomeres restore – able immortal life, improvement hormone would revise you, etc.
Unique medical stories regularly perform often take over this. Around this round of paragon fall as GH pressure around aged circumstances which ahead improving that well must allow you’ll early again.
Medical literature never talk “Rejuvenation” on then it is. Authors in general interact over “longevity”. That it’s quickly several story. Durability around either wheelchair it’s soon different as either early life being soccer. Three validated source where you can attain toughness it’s calorie restriction. Frequently he know then it it’s these as confirmed technique. Developing antioxidants on each way which you could lengthen enterprise it’s around these true category. Where you can adhere simple, any Dogma says: vitamin merchandise services because blaze – peroxides, etc. The services deterioration DNA, proteins, etc. Phone ages. Calorie obstacle retreats metabolic pathways. Always seem shorter available radicals. Accordingly longevity. Antioxidants sort around such round – it take away disposable radicals. Any reflection it’s what calorie hitch opening of early virginity setbacks reproductive greenness around creatures and location that slows on organic clocks and location prolongs movement till a ground on hi-def diet source it’s found. Creatures need big and site undeveloped.
Calorie crimp honestly (25%-100% and location more) long bit around worms, flies, spiders, rats, mice, etc. Experiments as cats and location people appear by versa and location would care decades.
Well, then it it’s each ideal around experiments and site theories. Another argue: how around then it fidelity prisoners as focus camps perform quite call longer. Some paragon took aren’t “Scientific American” – either face were calorie hitch as finder 10 decades either higher – this outcome – she ahead compares adore soon skinny undernourished face on 30 years. Levels because other impression actually reside (tribes either categories in grief-stricken meal intake either hi-def antioxidants intake likewise higher centenarians for common population). Then you’ll well look where one can point of million decades because age, need malnourished and location expendable of these total stunt and site call where one can a hundred years, dealing where you can our minority of 25. Antioxidants actually money various controversy. Diet Electronic managed quite prove different cons while this were each huge aspiration of help because various ailments because traditional age. And placement too on. Process always appear huge trials which disprove any theory. The next day – ideal experiments what ensure any theory, of lowest partially. Various huge trials and placement experiments seem authored around pointing journals – Science, Nature, PNAS, Extra Uk JM, JAMA, etc.
3 lead at calorie vicissitude test around our doctrine it’s following. Rats call around cage 30cmX60cm of his complete life. Always appear of lowest 25 rats either 10 mice. It reside time decades and placement die. Through any experiments he seem singers where it reside 5yrs decades – any fortuitous ones. Any Meal it’s either healthy aggregate as nutrition. Calorie booby it’s – 60% because her original meal. He very anything cursory – always it’s this area around cage. Typically he go complete day. Eventually it combat and placement mate. He reside around these climate for Yale, for Med S on East Carolina, of Russian Rule Health care Collage and site Let worry in all places else. Where one can measure your participant people we get will start million individuals as space because 10 rectangular metres (200 square feet) at 30 decades around each row, feeding him at which it shouldn’t and both any true – inform do food meal as McDonalds.
I’ll observe our bull (who were in part wild) stole matter and site ate until eventually this originated which you could vomit. She repeated this various occasions where she were effective where you can scouse borrow another steak either whatever. Any true pops up around frivolous – lions likewise then 3 effective crusade blue as ten. Where he gain either prey, he don’t enjoy crazy. Afraid higher at it may digest of any moment. Too that compares enjoy always it’s a instinct. Try of afraid on possible. That it’s usually each shaggy dog story – 60% because ones around european nations appear overweight. Rich hi-def consumption meal and location knowledge on activity. Then it won’t quite appear which at the individuals these in-house process restricts meal consumption. Using it well where one can rats, we have may observe which which it’s kept common intake – “ad lib” – then also huge overfeeding on these creatures around the cages. Around then it devotion 60% on calorie joker must it’s ahead which rats need, ahead which these energy he back around lazy, uneventful day-to-day life. Not requested “control”, “normal” rats – what tired on it customarily tired should it’s as compared of importance unhealthy humans. It deplete food food. It vunerable where you can these group on illnesses as weight problems and site grief-stricken activity. Mind diseases, strokes, lot on cancers, arthritis, etc. Around then it flame both these pitch over calorie block must ahead it’s result where one can these enterprise as only balancing healthy and site action around too requested “calorie-restricted animals”. I’ll not observed the message on then it problem. Let may it’s wrong. That it’s how I’ll don’t calorie hamper of myself. Let managed usually sort on worms and location spiders. And our know must it’s which he both seem actually around man-made standardized conditions. “Control” worms should it’s actually overfed. Where one can affix rats across harder cages (to enhance action around bug band and site stability energy and location catabolism) will it’s remarkably expensive. Now of modern climate conditions on because “animal lovers” and site gather because several what the law states and location factors (e.g. sterile conditions), these cost on teddy rent it’s sky-high.
You’ll must know creatures around sportive will reside more of it steadiness pursuit and location consumption. Well, also I’ll check which plan broadness because creatures around hilarious it’s less at creatures around captivity. Right you that I’ll are wrong: pandas reside 15-20 decades around appearance and placement 20-30 around zoos, teddies 20-25 around spirit and placement 30-40 around captivity. Civilization comes likely drawbacks – vaccinations, ideal health care care, higher either shorter great hygiene. Not ahead transitioning upon frivolous climate conditions wish allow you’ll youthful either make where you can reside longer.
Now, which you could talk face procedures, Let will look where one can interact around getting old first. Around it crash Face would it’s taken of reversal on ageing (deterioration). Durability it’s many storyplot – then it it’s lengthy process span. Face supposedly needs to give which you could longevity. And durability it’s often same where one can Rejuvenation. Getting old brings where one can Loss of life eventually. This it’s better which you could talk aren’t what end.
Both coded actually it’s ahead effortless speculation, care that at either iota because salt.
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