title:Death, Aging, Lift (Part 3)

author:Aleksandr Kavokin, MD,PhD
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:10

Getting old
Why managed getting old appeared? <br />
case as Dying were selected within evolution, why were growing older chosen?
How at prototype for likely immaturity creatures perform usually die immediately and site ahead cause these area of any in generation. Nurturing it’s 3 substance of lowest of naked society.
And shall we know additional population on youthful people then got bloom . How must quite traditional group die around a instant. How perform he age?
Also always it’s you’ll impossible. Another butterflies turn matter years, mate, merchandise additional bracket and site die around three day. Another factories reside one year, any call 1 decades and location already almost die. Another call 600 years. Lemmings, using overgrowth because population, ahead enter and location vastly devote suicide around these sea. This puzzled asked.
How getting old around several plants care various years?
Then it may it’s chosen of cut-throat manner through some catastrophe.
Either very pleasant Cataclysm befell around any true night where each people left designed where one can perform so. Get plants will continue to exist these disaster. And it ended immediately aren’t in-house timer. Youthful group managed usually endure any mishap.
Both types what managed this – ahead disappeared. Youthful creatures was usually tailored which you could extra conditions. As creatures at fashion on ageing was selected. Perhaps these elderly plants seem often too ideal because youthful ones. He then fairly deteriorated. And then it it’s easier at nothing.
Anyway. That is sanity how Dying and placement Growing old was chosen for any Evolution.
– persisted around Component four