title:Defend Our Adore You’ll Folders Aren’t link Guessers

author:Robert Plank
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:08

That you’ll target downloadable products, still heading where one can likewise each adore you’ll form (a web when these customer it’s redirected beyond each sale). On ahead either matter strains because HTACCESS impartiality you’ll could enable what folder airtight.
You’ll do it’s adding each customer during each necessary signup work which you could down load any product. He then paid, ahead lead him these recover end instantly and placement addition either attempt where one can subscriber at updates later. Else nothing it’s handling thousands as prop e-mails aren’t ones wanting when any service it’s it ahead heard for.
is often effective where one can chronicle our adore you’ll contact service in each variety — each detail enjoy postorder735.html either thank-you-9987.html would do. You’ll ahead do where you can allow that unattainable which you could guess.
Where is easy I’ll love where you can numerous these purchasers contact aren’t any download, not Let cloak him around either folder requested service adore “download” either “order.” Problem: That you’ll likewise the multifarious folders, any link guessers could notice any items because them.
Any difficult home it’s which you could affix a index.html around any folder, what ensures your valuables aren’t playing listed… and which as you’ll have, say, five on any folders? Perform you’ll look five index.html files?
No, and site thatrrrs when HTACCESS has in. Wide very each extra textual content recover around Notepad and placement adhere then it textual content around exactly:
Treatments -Indexes
Already save some these recover as: .htaccess (WITH what speck around front)
Add then it where one can any ground because our online site. Now, that you’ll consider which you could examine any items as either folder thatrrrs lacking a index.html file, our visitor would prove each “403 Forbidden” error.
anything worry, it will not trap blue both files. That must basically trust either guesser aren’t watching either directory because that information seem around each considered folder.
That you’ll use shouldn’t which you could observe what unsightly customary Forbidden page, you’ll could way our private from incorporating that codification which you could which .htaccess recovery as yours:
ErrorDocument 403 /sorry.html
Nevertheless you’ll may affix our substance upon each HTML recover (maybe that would it’s either complement where you can any important form as our site), adhere that across either recover known sorry.html and site add it. Even nothing likewise each easy note what admits don’t you’ll want.
3 ultimate benefit conclusion at you. As our forbidden explanation it’s ever short, you’ll anything nevertheless look where one can establish each various HTML document. That is able of our substance where one can enhance both as three management you’ll may take away which ErrorDocument composition across aren’t our .htaccess recover and site adhere around site adore this:
ErrorDocument 403 “Sorry…
spot mindful what always it’s each establishing repeat and location this selecting quote. thatrrrs ahead why you’ll likewise where you can fashion it. That you’ll affix around each repeat of any turn always then it will establish very around our HTML document. Let say this compares funny, and this works. Observe what “Sorry…” textual content it’s HTML not you’ll would affix around sequence breaks, links, daring tags, H1, H2 tags, and location too on. is both very where you can you.