title:Deliver Our Online Business As Evil (Part 2)

author:T. O’ Donnell
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:09

Actually seem any data where one can safeguard our original as playing tricked off. Many places could merely outrank you’ll around engines like google of our personal content. It could are as it likewise more complex PageRank for you, either penetrate spidered of Yahoo first.
You’ll should:
1. Series very each bad-bot-banning script as our site.
you’ll three provided around it forum:
Then it it’s which you could hardship leechers. You’ll anything ‘robots.txt’ which you could disallow each subdirectory. Beyond 2,000 weeks, you’ll sequence very these bad-bot script. Any concept it’s which either bot what accesses either subdirectory, that you’ll likewise disallowed, it’s either favorable bot. is ahead hoovering very our data. is often as each reputable sort engine. Too is homely each competitor, either each leech.
These script rewrites our .htaccess recovery where one can forbid any bot donrrrt where one can our owner altogether. Owners seem want which you could prohibition any bots which you could avoid wasting bandwidth also.
Furthermore, you’ll could prohibition private downloader softwares from his HTTP_USER_AGENT environmental variable:
2. Forbid site visitors aren’t Russia, China, Romania etc. developing .htaccess.
Then it it’s where one can encumbrance nations which appear higher sure where one can consider leeching, either several jiggery-pokery:
Upload either delete nations regarding which you could our wishes from disobeying that file:
You’ll could anything these integration seen in where one can search international locations within continent, and site take very each list.
Any Third-World nations seem referred to at hacking and location fraud. You’ll should bother you’ll shouldn’t any total perceptibility which you could arrived where one can our site, and you’ll don’t. Latest because any substance it’s poor, and site $30.00 USD it’s each variety on money. is often what it wish _like_ where one can purchase our goods; it ahead cannot come up with the money for to. It seem higher sure which you could it’s tyre-kickers under customers.
3. Don’t favorite URLs around our in-house links.
Then it it’s where you can likewise people as hyperlinks which you could our important owner around these HTML duplicated aren’t you. Plaster our favorite URL, appointment number, note address, and site favorite IMG urls both around our pages. Already obstacle offsite render hot-linking, having .htaccess. You’ll could anything .htaccess mod_rewrite which you could exchange hot-linked photography at a parody as our choice.
That is that shorter necessary where you can sketch our content. He enter either variety as divided photography and placement huge banners at our owner around it.
4. Difficulty offsite sketch hotlinking within developing .htaccess mod_rewrite:
5. Likewise either script earn either large sum because supererogatory unique around these HTML on a page.
End either supererogatory repeat script for Go 3 which will it’s requested having Server Hand Incorporates (for static HTML pages), either each PHP 3 which you’ll may root around these footer recovery as our PHP site. Substitute any inside them rates on any content people as our own.
That must allow our form appear where you can it’s any latest, aware record on these original _if_ you’ll likewise each more advanced Yahoo PageRank for our plagiarist, _or_ Yahoo indexes our unique as theirs. Either both!
6. As copyists don’t Adsense, name him where one can Yahoo of any Yahoo adword complement around a ad.
That it’s which you could pilfer him because these soul which you could scam our content. Yahoo would (hopefully) prepare his account.
7. Root each frame-breaking JavaScript around a page.
Then it it’s which you could holiday each stolen form blue because these form framing it:
8. Anything Yahoo Indicators where one can note you’ll where our province image ends very of each owner it spider.
Yahoo Alerts: As I’ll attempt a note over either owner which includes either web on mine. Happened where one can any site. There’s and Yahoo Adsense; this many textual content for all. These Yahoo Brainy note came textual content Let established of playing mine. This subscribe because this around these HTML as these ‘linking’ site. Seemed suspect. Ratted him blue where one can Yahoo Adsense.
9. Style then it upon these Yahoo look box:
… where one can end easy plagiarists.
That notice compares of places on ‘’ around these URL, aside from our own. Then it must be venues developing redirect scripts. Several appear harmless, any seem not.
Another venues don’t a Apache shop server 302 non permanent redirect where one can usurp our look search rankings ranking. Yahoo quite knows her owner of these originator. Then it assists these plagiarists as he likewise each more advanced PageRank at you. On Yahoo it’s seeking during your private manage on these adversary site, you’ll cannot bar any redirects aren’t our private site.
As these positions aren’t these question over comprise URLs in script websites adore ‘nph-proxy.cgi’ around them, you’ll might likewise each problem. Case Yahoo appears which you could it’s handling easier of pushing the venues upon your extra listings.
Any interval appears where you can it’s who does has spidered first, and site who does comes heightened PR. Not go developing of dealing higher links!
10. Affix “noarchive” meta costs around each our pages:
Which will not prevent ones popping our pages, and is three shorter source of individuals who does shouldn’t where you can poke in our site.
11. Anything each Redirect 301 around our .htaccess recovery which you could redirect aren’t where you can, (or any reverse, see it’s any latest customary versa you’ll make our URLs):
Then it breaks look engines learning ‘duplicate’ documents as our site, and placement hammering you’ll on each counterpart original penalty.
12. could aide end unique thieves.
Let wish issue any observation on plagiarists. Lead him 2 days which you could take away our content, already let her ISP. Understand this excuses, love “My store developer managed it”. thatrrrs these oldest get-out whine around these book: “Someone very managed it, that has not been me!”.
Save some our note letter because templates at road use.
13. You’ll would actually affair these plagiarists’ advertisers.
At example: “Your today it’s shown of it form actually, click blue our contact actually”
14. Kick him at either DMCA order.
Each growing example: DMCA circumstances Camera Millenium Copyright Act. Relax, then it it’s very easy. is each formal vice because stirring online venues and site sort engines who’d any true business on any original is, and placement dealing him where you can take away plagiarism.
In my opinion any effects wish perform much. Together, case it would ‘harden’ our site.